October 22, 2016
 Posted by Danica Diver

5 Factors that Make a Successful Video Production

Research by Mayer and Anderson revealed videos increase viewers’ understanding of a product or service by 74 percent. Without a video, the inclination to purchase your product or utilize your service greatly decreases. A video establishes familiarity and credibility and whether it’s a commercial, film, music video, or corporate profile, there are key elements that can determine the success of your project.

1. Vision
Comprehensive of your overall objective, visions are the foundation of a video. Take into account the emotions you want your target audience to feel or any calls to action while considering the platform your video will be viewed on. Videos lacking in defined visions often result in frequent feelings of doubt when decision-making, which can negatively impact the rest of the creative process. A clear, concise vision guarantees a powerful message and is the building blocks of a smooth process behind the scenes.

2. Story
Beautiful imagery can captivate your audience yet story is what motivates them to buy your product or spread positive word. Storytelling in any form is hard and telling a good story is even harder. Whether it is a 30-second commercial or a full-length documentary, a lot of time and creative energy are needed to develop something original that profoundly impacts the minds of viewers. So, focus on telling a meaningful and effective story first. Then, find a way to organically work in your brand’s message.

3. Budget
What part of the budget makes a project successful? It is not the size of the budget, but rather how it is allocated. As discussed in “How Much Will This Video Cost Me?”, the cost of a project lies in the answer of “How much do I want this video to cost me?” And to provide the best quality product we ask “Where do I want this video to cost me?” When budgets start to seem out of control, it is important to take a step back and focus on just the essential costs. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, refining a budget does not mean downgrading the quality. Rather, it will aid in allocating your resources to the right place.

4. Casting
Acting talent is one of the most memorable aspects of a production because their performance helps audiences forget they are watching scripted lives. Poor performances can quickly bring down a project. It is important to find someone you remember: someone who has the right build, the right voice, the right emotion, and the right attitude. Since we provide casting services for almost all of our projects, we understand casting process can be daunting at times. However, it is a creative process that should not contain compromise, for finding “the one” will bring your character to life and engage your audience with the story.

5. Collaborator
Video production requires excellent communication, patience, and a sense of urgency. With high expectations comes high demands, and partnering with a suitable production company will help take you through video production from concept development, script approval, filming, and editing while not only understanding, but challenging, your vision to exceed your expectations. Finding the right collaborator is perhaps most essential in creating a successful video.

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