June 10, 2015
 Posted by Susan Tran

Answer These 5 Questions to Supercharge Your Video

We are living full throttle in the information age in which the digital revolution, with its fast and widespread growth, influences how we create and consume media.

For video content creators, it’s arguably the most exciting of times, as well as the most challenging of times. Demand for video content is at a high (think YouTube’s 1 billion monthly active users) and continual advances in technology affords content producers much creative latitude. Yet, as more video content is being made available for media consumption, we are faced with an uphill battle of how to supercharge our visual content to cut through the existing noise.

As humans, our competitive nature may lead us to focus on using the latest and greatest technology, or shooting at the most breath-taking location our minds can imagine. What I’ve come to learn from a decade of working in production is that no matter how expensive your equipment is, or jaw-dropping your visual effects are, they become irrelevant if there isn’t a clear, purposeful story behind it.

In the case of video content, to supercharge it, we need to first turn the engine off to take a quiet moment to plan our route before we drive. Answer these five questions to help you and your production company (which I hope is Sunrise Seagull® Productions!) create a supercharged video:

1. WHO is my target audience? Females? Males? Young? Old? How do they think? What do they like? If you don’t know whom you’re speaking to, most likely, you’ll be speaking in a ‘language’ that doesn’t make sense to them.

2. WHAT is my communication message? What do you want your target audience to know and what is the emotional takeaway for your audience after they view your video content? Your video content can look fantastic, but if your audience doesn’t know what you are trying to communicate, it’s a lost opportunity.

3. WHEN do I want to share my video content? As they say, timing is everything. Think of days of the week, or even hours of the days that is most optimal to reach your target audience. For example, according to Quick Sprout, engagement peaks on Facebook on Thursday and Friday.

4. WHERE will I share my video content? What is your intended distribution platform? Your video content for a TV audience should be crafted differently than one for a mobile audience. For example, a Vine video is short and sweet at 6 seconds long, so your message will need to be super-concise if you go that route!

5. WHY should my target audience care about my video content? What do you have to share that would compel your audience and make them want to watch? Remember, if YouTube has 1 billion monthly active users, imagine how much video content is already out there!

Try this out before you embark on your next visual communication journey and let me know how it works for you!

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