February 5, 2012
 Posted by Thien A. Pham

Building a Xoom Vault in 3 Days

We aren’t kidding when we say we’re agile and dynamic. According to Merriam-Webster.com:

1 : marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace
2 : having a quick resourceful and adaptable character

a : marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change
b : energetic

So when our client Xoom.com asked us to produce a commercial to help communicate the message that Xoom.com is the safe way to send money to the Philippines, our team super-sped into intense brainstorming sessions and within 3 days, our concept was pitched and approved!

Then, our client asked how long it will take to produce this spot. Since the spot was to feature Xoom.com’s CEO John Kunze, we had to take his schedule into account. We needed a full day of shooting and after reviewing everyone’s calendars, the best date that would work was to shoot 4 days out from when we received the concept approval. Our client asked “can you do this?”

We’re agile. So we said “Yes, we can do it!”

By the way, did we mention the concept required custom built prop pieces AND a custom Xoom.com vault door? Hmmmm….

No problem! We’re dynamic. (Read: energetic and productive)

So we got to work and ‘boom!’…set design and set building done in 3 days!

With momentum on our side, post-production took another 3 days and by Day 10 of this whole process, we delivered a final spot that the client loved!

In case you’re wondering, a 10-day concept to delivery turnaround isn’t quite standard for a TV commercial project of this scope. But we did it. Why? (1) Because we love our clients! (2) Because we’re agile, dynamic and results-oriented.

Check out the Xoom is Safe to see our work and click here to see our Behind the Scenes photos of the shoot.

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