• 5 Factors that Make a Successful Video Production

    Research by Mayer and Anderson revealed videos increase viewers’ understanding of a product or service by 74 percent. Without a video, the inclination to purchase your product or utilize your service greatly decreases. A video establishes …

    October 22, 2016
     Posted by Danica Diver
  • How Much Will This Video Cost Me?

    Anyone who has worked in sales knows there is an unavoidable beast that will rear its head in one form or another during every sales pitch. COST.

    Since what I do at Sunrise Seagull Productions allows me to meet with clients every day to …

    May 3, 2016
     Posted by Susan Tran
  • 3 Reasons Why Video Projects Fail

    According to Forbes, video advertisement accounted for 4.6 billion dollars a year in 2014. Companies understand videos are essential and are actively communicating messages to their core audience through the use of videos. However, not all …

    October 16, 2015
     Posted by Thien A. Pham
  • Answer These 5 Questions to Supercharge Your Video

    We are living full throttle in the information age in which the digital revolution, with its fast and widespread growth, influences how we create and consume media.
    For video content creators, it’s arguably the most exciting of times, as …

    June 10, 2015
     Posted by Susan Tran
  • Talent vs. Personality When Hiring Crew

    Over the weekend, director and DP Vincent Laforet wrote an excellent blog highlighting “how certain personality traits can very often trump talent when a crew is assembled” and I couldn’t agree more!
    In every job, it&#8217 …

    July 15, 2013
     Posted by Thien A. Pham
  • Video on Instagram, the End of Vertical Video Syndrome?

    Last week, Facebook announced video for Instagram, a direct competition to Twitter’s Vine, that allows users to record up to 15 seconds of video within the app, which includes 13 filters that help get us started. It’s an excitin …

    June 24, 2013
     Posted by Thien A. Pham
  • The Art of the Trailer

    I’ve written about my thoughts on movie trailers and why my movie watching experience is often ruined by it. Wired yesterday published a great piece about the Art of the Trailer with an interview with Mark Woollen, an awesome editor w …

    June 19, 2013
     Posted by Thien A. Pham
  • Should We Even Watch Trailers?

    According to the The Hollywood Reporter, the National Association of Theater Owners recently proposed a new guidelines to shorten the length of a movie trailer to 2 minutes. Currently, trailers are typically about two and half minute long. …

    May 30, 2013
     Posted by Thien A. Pham
  • Pixar’s 22 Rules to Great Storytelling

    When we talk about films that had won hearts and souls of millions, it’s hard to not mention a film from Pixar, one of the most highly regarded studios. Originally a hardware company, Pixar has produced more than a dozen critically ac …

    January 6, 2013
     Posted by Thien A. Pham
  • Do You Have A Vertical Video Syndrome?

    If you have a mobile phone with a video recording capability, be it an iPhone or an Android phone, you are more than likely suffering from a vertical video syndrome. It is a very serious problem. Fortunately, it can be prevented so read on! …

    July 19, 2012
     Posted by Thien A. Pham