• Making My Rounds at Film Festival and Premier

    This past month was all about film festivals and premier nights. My company, Sunrise Seagull Productions, was a proud sponsor of the red carpet event for How to Fight in Six Inch Heels US premier, Newport Beach Film Festival Chinese Spotlig …

    May 1, 2015
     Posted by Thien A. Pham
  • Dare to Engage

    Hello and Happy Month of June!

    Yes, June! An indicator of the year’s midpoint, which gets our team to reflecting of our achievements thus far, as well as refocusing and redefining what we want to achieve in the months to come. We spent a …

    June 6, 2014
     Posted by Susan Tran
  • We ‘Ate’ Our Way Into Summer

    Yes, you read it right. We did it and we’re proud of it!
    We created, innovated and celebrated our way into Summer!

    What did we create? Along with working hard on various TV, print and radio projects, we collaborated with the young and …

    June 6, 2011
     Posted by Susan Tran