July 19, 2012
 Posted by Thien A. Pham

Do You Have A Vertical Video Syndrome?

If you have a mobile phone with a video recording capability, be it an iPhone or an Android phone, you are more than likely suffering from a vertical video syndrome. It is a very serious problem. Fortunately, it can be prevented so read on!

Vertical video happens when we hold our camera in a vertical position. It’s a common mistake to make since that’s how we normally take photos with our phones. However, we can turn and hold our photos any way we want when we view them but we cannot do the same with videos. If you notice, all TVs are always in the horizontal position so there will be black bars on both sides of the video if we recorded it in vertical position. Imagine what a waste of screen real estate it is when we view a vertical video on a big, shiny new TV! So let’s rid off the vertical video syndrome together by recording videos only in horizontal position. At the very least your videos will be much more enjoyable!

Still not convinced? Watch the hilarious clip here.

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