September 5, 2011
 Posted by Thien A. Pham

First Ever YEO’S Vietnamese TV Commercial

This is the first ever YEO’S Vietnamese TV commercial shot in the U.S. Innovative for its time, the spot featured top singers Luong Tung Quang and Cat Tien, and pushed forward a market trend of featuring well-known Vietnamese celebrities in TV commercials.

YEO’S entrusted us with this first ever project for them and they definitely gave us a lot of latitude, especially when it came to the set design concept. Since we were building everything from scratch, it was very satisfying to see our design come to life from initial doodlings on a napkin. When the client visited the shoot location for the first time, they remarked how the finished set looked exactly like the concept set design we had pitched. Score for delivering what we promised!

Being innovative with how we approached the project really help set our client apart when this commercial hit the broadcast channels. It had a local sensibility to it while still maintaining a star factor! Success!

Check out our Behind the Scenes photos here.

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