LIVE (Phát Trực Tiếp) Shines at Newport Beach Film Festival’s Pacific Rim Showcase Celebration

LIVE Shines at NBFF's Pacific Rim Showcase Celebration

Film Threat
By Film Threat Staff
Published October 23, 2023


In an evening dedicated to celebrating the very best of Asian cinema, the 2023 Newport Beach Film Festival’s Pacific Rim Showcase Celebration witnessed a spectacular North America premiere. Vietnamese film, LIVE (Phát Trực Tiếp), took the spotlight, leaving an indelible mark on the sold-out audience, as it showcased the nuances of contemporary Vietnamese cinema.

Set in the cutthroat environment of Mukbang and Reviewer, the film introduces viewers to a world where live streamers are consumed by the feverish pursuit of online stardom. It’s a universe ruled by followers, fanfare, and view count metrics. Amidst this backdrop, the audience meets Truc, an emerging Mukbanger, who, after discovering a mysterious pill, finds her appetite becoming insatiable, propelling her swiftly to internet fame. Parallelly, the story unfolds around Hoang, a leading Reviewer, who finds himself ensnared in a deadly scandal, teaching him the harsh realities of online cancel culture, where fame can be fleeting.

Directed by the talented Khương Ngọc, and produced by the visionary executive producer Phạm Trần Bảo Quyên, LIVE (Phát Trực Tiếp) promises a thrilling narrative that probes the sacrifices individuals make in their pursuit of online celebrity. With gripping performances, the film poses haunting questions: What will Truc forgo on her meteoric rise? And what will the plummeting Hoang lose in his descent?

After the screening, an engaging Q&A session had both Ngọc and Quyên interact with the audience, reflecting their passion for the project and their appreciation for the palpable energy at the event. The evening further transitioned into an enthusiastic afterparty, celebrating the film’s success.

The continued support for independent filmmakers and the appreciation of international cinema truly makes a significant difference. For those who missed the premiere, there’s exciting news: LIVE (Phát Trực Tiếp) is set to release in select theaters across the U.S. starting Friday, November 17th.

To find a screening near you, please visit the film’s official website: www.3388Films.com/LIVEmovie.

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