November 26, 2014
 Posted by Danica Diver

Production Glossary: Your Guide to “Reel” Vocabulary

Our helpful guide to learning production-related vocabulary! Use this list as your ultimate cheat sheet and be sure to check back as it will continue to grow.

Audition: An interview an actor will undergo for a particular role that can be fulfilled by an in-person visit, video submission, and/or photo submission.

Casting Call: A notice distributed for talents to apply for roles. Some information included in a casting call is age range, gender, ethnicity, language skills, and a description of the character.

Casting: Selecting actors, models, dancers, singers, and/or other talent for roles required for a shoot.

Concept Development: Taking an initial idea and creatively expanding on it to create a story.

Costume Acquisition: Purchasing all costume and accessories talent will wear on screen.

Costume Designer: A person who is responsible for designing outfits for a shoot.

Costume Fitting: A meeting where talent tries on an outfit to ensure it fits properly. If not, adjustments will be made to the clothing.

Costume: Clothing and accessories a talent will wear during a shoot.

Location Booking: A process that includes a contractual agreement between a location owner and the production company granting permission to use their location for a shoot.

Location Scouting: The search for potential places to shoot at and seeks to match the described locale in the script.

Location: The place where a shoot will occur.

Pre-production: First phase of the production process that begins with an idea and ends once the project is ready to shoot.

Pre-visualization: Pre-visualization is like an animated storyboard that provides a digital preview of complex scenes in a video.

Presentation: A comprehensive proposal provided to a client including a story idea that detail visual and audio descriptions.

Production Designer: A person who is responsible for the overall look of a video and will oversee design elements such as set design, props, and wardrobe to ensure a cohesive look and feel matches the story.

Project Timetable: An overview of milestones and their deadlines for a project.

Rehearsal: A gathering of all talent and crewmembers to practice a script from beginning to end. This time allows talents to work on their performance, practice any movements or choreography, and crewmembers to plan out lighting schemes or other necessary items.

Script: A written document that details a story from beginning to end that includes character dialogue and other visual descriptions.

Shoot: To record on film, tape, or memory card.

Storyboard: A visual illustration of drawings that depict each shot of the video, camera movements, and dialogue.

Talent: A person that can be identified as an actor, model, singer, dancer, or offers their time fulfilling a special service beneficial to a project.

Talent Booking: A process that includes a contractual agreement between talent and the production company stating the talent agrees to participate in the project and other specific project information.

Tech Scout: A visit to the approved shooting location to assess existing outlets, layouts, and materials. This visit allows crew to prepare for the shoot by identifying equipment they need or cannot use.

Translation: Converting a script to the desired language for the project.

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