• Media Representation Matters: 5 Reasons to Fight for It

    Media shapes our perceptions of the world. If media doesn’t reflect the true diversity of our world, we are saying it is OK to perpetuate distorted realities. – Sunrise Seagull Productions on Instagram
    As an Asian female pitching a …

    November 23, 2016
     Posted by Susan Tran
  • 5 Factors that Make a Successful Video Production

    Research by Mayer and Anderson revealed videos increase viewers’ understanding of a product or service by 74 percent. Without a video, the inclination to purchase your product or utilize your service greatly decreases. A video establishes …

    October 22, 2016
     Posted by Danica Diver
  • Thinking Culturally

    Turn on the TV or YouTube your favorite clip. Chances are you will encounter a commercial. What is the commercial advertising? Is it effective? Who is in the commercial? What language is it in? Some of these questions seem basic and easy en …

    February 7, 2016
     Posted by Danica Diver