• 4 Models, 2 Days, 9 Commercials

    In August we took on a project that, at first, seemed like a walk in the park. After all, how difficult would it be to film beautiful models posing for camera in a controlled environment, which in this case was a white cyc? As it turned out …

    December 1, 2013
     Posted by Thien A. Pham
  • First Ever YEO’S Vietnamese TV Commercial

    This is the first ever YEO’S Vietnamese TV commercial shot in the U.S. Innovative for its time, the spot featured top singers Luong Tung Quang and Cat Tien, and pushed forward a market trend of featuring well-known Vietnamese celebrities in …

    September 5, 2011
     Posted by Thien A. Pham
  • We ‘Ate’ Our Way Into Summer

    Yes, you read it right. We did it and we’re proud of it!
    We created, innovated and celebrated our way into Summer!

    What did we create? Along with working hard on various TV, print and radio projects, we collaborated with the young and …

    June 6, 2011
     Posted by Susan Tran