July 15, 2013
 Posted by Thien A. Pham

Talent vs. Personality When Hiring Crew

Over the weekend, director and DP Vincent Laforet wrote an excellent blog highlighting “how certain personality traits can very often trump talent when a crew is assembled” and I couldn’t agree more!

In every job, it’s hard to deny the fact that talents and skills are essential; however, on a job where the number 1 rule of thumb is ‘everything that may go wrong will go wrong,’ it takes more than just talents and skills to get us through the day. I’ve had my fair share of headaches working with difficult crew members even though none has been critical enough to become a complete disaster. That’s not to say it wasn’t a hell of a production day so these words resonate with me greatly: “Those that relieve stress as opposed to adding to it in times of crisis are worth their weight in gold.”

It’s a bit long but it is well worth it so head over there to read the entire blog and let me know what you think in the comment section below. Do you agree? Have you worked on a project where personality really ruined or saved the day?

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