June 19, 2013
 Posted by Thien A. Pham

The Art of the Trailer

I’ve written about my thoughts on movie trailers and why my movie watching experience is often ruined by it. Wired yesterday published a great piece about the Art of the Trailer with an interview with Mark Woollen, an awesome editor whose responsible for many iconic trailers like The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Here’s what he has to say about why trailers today give away too many details:

The studios want to have one weekend to capture the largest number of people. As I understand it, the data they get back is that people want to know more story—they want to know more before they make an investment. Now it may not be what you, me, or the readers of your magazine consider the right approach. But that’s what they’ve come to.

It’s a great read so head over to Wired if you’re a fan of movie trailers.

Oh, and here’s a little fun fact about trailers. They used to be shown at the end of a movie hence the name ‘trailers.’ Studios now want to show trailers at the beginning of a movie in hope of getting us to watch more movies. Well, it works on me!

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