June 6, 2011
 Posted by Susan Tran

We ‘Ate’ Our Way Into Summer

Yes, you read it right. We did it and we’re proud of it!
We created, innovated and celebrated our way into Summer!

What did we create? Along with working hard on various TV, print and radio projects, we collaborated with the young and exciting Vietnamese pop singer, Andy Quach, to produce his fresh-looking “Hứa – Promise” music video. It’s an innovative kick-start for a new generation of Vietnamese-American music videos and we need to warn you: head bopping and dance popping are side effects from watching!

Speaking of innovation, Comic-Con International returns to San Diego during the hot days of July 21-24. When we say hot, we mean more than the weather, as Comic-Con serves as the launch point for many movies, TV shows, and other creative mediums! Fan of traditional art? You’ll be excited that August is American Artist Appreciation month; the perfect opportunity to discover cool contributors to our culture. Want something more multicultural? The Edinburgh Festival in Scotland also takes place during August and features several events focusing on European art.

Now let’s not forget everyone’s favorite summer pastime: celebration! We’ve had an eventful year so far, and it doesn’t take a beach party for us to find a reason to celebrate. We were recently honored by the Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce with the Small Business of the Year 2011 Award and we’re celebrating our third consecutive year of Telly Awards recognition. Telly honors were given to TV spots we produced for YEO’s and Xoom.com, as well as an instructional webisode created for www.AuLacOi.com. With so much support from our community and industry peers, getting through the hot days of Summer will be no sweat for us!

We wish you the best of the season and together, let’s create, innovate and celebrate through the hottest months of the year!


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