CHIẾU RẠP MỸ: Bẫy Ngọt Ngào (Naked Truth) đang chiếu rộng rãi trên 50 rạp trên toàn nước Mỹ.

IN THEATERS: Bẫy Ngọt Ngào (Naked Truth) now playing in over 50 theaters across the US.


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A poignant story that deftly balances levity and gravity, Bay Ngot Ngao (Naked Truth) revolves around four childhood friends once madly determined to escape singledom. After years apart, they gleefully reunite to celebrate the 3-year marriage anniversary of the lone successor of the group to find marital bliss. Their reunion takes a shocking turn when, layer by layer, concealed lives are revealed, trapping each character in a tangled web of dangerous secrets that threaten to push precarious relationships over the edge. Bay Ngot Ngao (Naked Truth) is about the strength of lifelong friendships, the hidden darkness of domestic abuse, and the power of personal liberation. Directed by Dinh Ha Uyen Thu. Produced by Live On. US release by 3388 Films.


‘Bẫy Ngọt Ngào’ (‘Naked Truth’) Reaches 50 Theaters, Widest Release Ever Of Any Vietnamese Film In The US

“Million view” female director Dinh Ha Uyen Thu heats up theaters with the widest opening ever for a Vietnam film across the U.S.

Cast & Crew

Director: Đinh Hà Uyên Thư

Producer: Tài Đỗ

Cast: Bảo Anh, Minh Hằng, Diệu Nhi, Thuận Nguyễn, Quốc Trường

Genre: Drama, Suspense/Thriller

Run Time: 92 minutes

Production Company: Live On

Distributor: 3388 Films

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