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The ordinary and not-so-ordinary lives of perfect strangers Thach, Mai and Dung become unexpectedly interlaced in this hilarious and wacky story of chance and new beginnings. Thach is a notoriously successful assassin who becomes an amnesiac after a fateful encounter with Dung, a struggling every day man trying to climb up from the bottom of the barrel. Then there’s Mai, the female taxi driver desperately trying to escape the life of an old maid. Through funny chance encounters, the trio’s lives get tossed upside down, pulling them through a surprising and hysterical journey. Directed by Vo Thanh Hoa. Produced by Orange Films. US release by 3388 Films.


Võ Thanh Hoà is affectionately dubbed “hundred billion dollar director” in Vietnam for his streak of smashing box office hits. Before making a turn as a feature film director, Võ Thanh Hoà won the 2010 Golden Kite Award for Best Supporting Actor (Vietnam’s equivalent of the Oscars).

Chìa Khóa Trăm Tỷ (A Hundred Billion Key) is a remake of the popular Japanese film, Key of Life, which won Best Narrative Feature at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Chìa Khoá Trăm Tỷ (A Hundred Billion Key) debuts in North America as the selected 2022 Vietnamese Spotlight film of the Newport Beach Festival, the largest international cinema event in coastal Southern California.

Cast & Crew

Director: Võ Thanh Hòa

Cast: Kiều Minh Tuấn, Thu Trang, Anh Tú, Jun Vũ

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance

Run Time: 118 minutes

Production Company: Orange Films

Distributor: 3388 Films

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