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It’s the last night of the funeral. Grandfather has died leaving the family a fortune – but they soon find out that their father has not only lost their entire inheritance gambling, but he’s deeply in debt to the mafia. And tonight the gangsters come to collect their debt. Their father must pay by sunrise, or else there will be another funeral. Tonight they will be paid, whether in gold or in blood.

As they suffer through their crucible, the family’s demons of neglect and abuse all come out. Does the family have enough patience, courage and love to last through the night?


Winner of 5 Golden Kite Awards (Vietnam’s equivalent of the Oscars), including Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay and Best Actress awards.

With its deeply raw depiction of domestic violence and mental trauma, the film has been described as the most authentic Vietnamese film of 2022.

Official submission of the 80th Golden Globes and an official selection of the 2022 Viet Film Fest and Santa Fe Film Festival.

Cast & Crew

Director: Aaron Toronto

Producer: Aaron Toronto, Nha Uyen, Bui Le Nhat Tien

Cast: Nha Uyen, Kien An, Kim B, Xuan Trang, Diem Phuong

Screenwriter: Nha Uyen, Aaron Toronto

Genre: Drama, Family Life

Run Time: 103 minutes

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