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What goes up must come down in this hyper competitive world of Mukbang and Reviewer, where social media networks captivate live-streamers yearning for top influencer status. It’s a feverish chase for followers, fans, and view counts. Truc, a budding Mukbanger, swiftly catapults to the top of the food chain when she finds a pill that makes her appetite insatiable. Hoang, a star Reviewer, gets trapped in a death scandal where he learns that online fame and cancel culture are just a click away. What will Truc have to sacrifice on her way up to the top? What will Hoang be forced to give up on his way down?


LIVE (Phát Trực Tiếp) is based on the horror short story collection Đô thị Linh dị (Saigon Dark Tales) by Nguyễn Ngọc Thạch.

Director Khương Ngọc was a singer and actor before taking a turn to directing. He composed and performed LIVE (Phát Trực Tiếp) theme song, entitled Vạ Miệng.

LIVE (Phát Trực Tiếp) had a North America premiere as the official selected Vietnamese Spotlight film of the 2023 Newport Beach Film Festival, one of the largest lifestyle film festivals in the United States.

Cast & Crew

Director: Khương Ngọc

Producer: Đỗ Xuân Công Danh Tài, Phạm Trần Bảo Quyên

Cast: Ngọc Phước, Quốc Khánh, Ngân 98, Sỹ Hậu, Khả Như, Hà Hiền, Thái Vũ, BB Trần, Hải Triều

Genre: Drama, Horror

Run Time: 91 minutes

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